Announcement: The first anniversary of the March on Emporia protest against racism held at Emporia State University, September 15, 2015

●Due to the march, Emporia State had to radically change the way they do business

●A climate of racism at ESU was revealed in a report in 2014 by an internal committee

●March on Emporia unveils a progress report on current racial inequities by ESU

September 15, 2016:
On this day last year, more than 150 students, faculty, staff and community protesters and almost a thousand viewers from over 80 universities and organizations watched online as the frustrated community assembled in Kellogg Circle at Emporia State University to demand justice and racial equity after Dr. Melvin Hale and his wife Angelica Hale were retaliated against for speaking out and protesting against racism and a hate incident on campus (at the School of Library and Information Management – SLIM).  The Hales and their supporters were also protesting the fact that the university had no tenured black faculty employed at the 153-year old institution in Kansas and students experienced racial tensions in their educational environment.

Dr. Melvin Hale, a 2014 UCLA graduate, states, “Because of the march, our exposure of the wrongs happening on campus, and our sacrifices, opportunities opened up for people of color in a manner that had never before happened at ESU. People are now saying that we did make a difference on campus.”

A progress report:

    There are still zero tenured black male teaching faculty employed at ESU.  The exodus of staff, including black librarian Earl Givens and former tenured professor Dr. Nate Terrell in 2015 impacted ESU, but they continued to cover-up of issues of racial injustice and the deficit with an unprecedented hiring and promotion of black employees as they concurrently used the Kansas Attorney General in litigation to deny, fight and ignore the grievances brought out through two federal discrimination lawsuits filed by employees of color.

●    In the spirit of continuing to cover up the racial turmoil on campus and to further divert attention from the TWO lawsuits filed by Dr. Hale and Dr. Rajesh Singh (another ESU professor suing the university), ESU callously chose the March on Emporia anniversary date of September 15 to plan inauguration festivities for the incoming president Allison Garrett, and to bring in heavy-hitter, civil rights leader and attorney Fred Gray Sr., who will be rewarded with an honorary doctoral degree from ESU and his longtime friend, incoming president Garrett.   Gray will also be able to make money by selling copies of his book, Bus Ride to Justice: Changing the System by the System, the Life and Works of Fred Gray (now available for $32.50 at bookstores) promoted at the inauguration week festivities.

    The University and the police department did not acknowledge that a hate incident occurred, and claimed that the racial slur was just a word on a piece of paper. In reality, the context was a threatening word written on a student’s private notebook insider her office.

    A possible suspect was identified and reported by the Hales to campus officials, but was exonerated by President’s internal “investigation” and later transferred out of the School of Library and Information Management (SLIM).  

    A new dean of the library school was hired, Dr. Wooseob Jeong, who is Asian.

    No, logical and fair external investigation was conducted. Thus a federal civil rights discrimination and retaliation lawsuit was filed by Dr. Hale which currently alleges retaliation for reporting and speaking out against a climate of racism at ESU.

    ESU continued its retaliation by not renewing Dr. Hale’s tenure track contract in May 2016 while heartlessly creating a “model diversity initiative” team where all voices are supposedly heard (to this day, they do not acknowledge the Hale’s voices). However, to correct ESU’s cover-up, it is actually the March on Emporia that is at the forefront of Emporia State’s campus social justice initiatives.

    ESU instituted a plan to replace the removal of Dr. Hale and Angelica Hale by an unprecedented hiring and promotion of black staff:

-Jason Brooks was promoted from director of diversity student programs to Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

-Michelle Hammond was immediately hired as the Dean of the library in August so that they could have at least one tenured black faculty in their employment.

-Deanna Williams was hired as the new director of diversity student programs.

    National rankings still show that U.S. News & World Report has given ESU an overall score of under 50 percent, coming in at only 49/100 . Rankings explanation: .

    Rankings continue to show that U.S. News & World Report has given ESU a ranking of #108 (a 5-way tie) out of #115 “ranked” universities in the Regional Universities in the Midwest category see: details (there were some unranked universities on the list after 115, the point where the ranking ends).

    The university is being charged with Title VII violations of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, landmark civil rights legislation banning employers from discriminating against employees due to their race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.  Among other things, Title VII protects those who report and/or protest against discrimination from retaliation.

    As a result of the ruling, ESU defendants now being charged in the new motion for summary judgment are: Jackie Vietti, Interim President; David Cordle, Provost; Gary Wyatt, Associate Provost; Kevin Johnson, General Counsel and Director of the Koch Center for Leadership and Ethics; Ray Lauber, ‎Associate Director of Human Resources; Mirah Dow, Professor and Interim Dean of SLIM; and Judy Anderson, Executive Director of Human Resources.

"ESU is, and has always been, pretending that they did not retaliate against me,” says Dr. Hale.  “Dr. Mirah Dow, one of the defendants, and a professor in SLIM for over sixteen years, had this to say to me on August 17, 2015, before she was muzzled:

What would their methods look like?  Dow said, “They’ve got a lot to lose…no matter how dirty it is, they would in a minute put you and me on the [de]fensive so that we have to represent ourselves to prove otherwise.  That’s the game here. They’re looking for any excuse in the world…for it to be something other than what it is.”

This conversation was part of Hale’s Court filing.

ESU received a Jefferson Muzzle Award in 2016 for anti-speech activity in 2015 related to Hale’s complaint of discrimination. “The Thomas Jefferson Center has awarded Jefferson Muzzles to those individuals and institutions responsible for the more egregious or ridiculous affronts to free speech during the preceding year:

In June 2016, Judge Crow dismissed additional claims made by Dr. Hale, which includes defamation, false light, and conspiracy. A counterclaim for defamation filed by defendant Debra Rittgers against Dr. Hale was dismissed by the court

CLICK HERE to read the original motion for summary judgment filing on Scribd:

Partial Transcript of the August 26, 2015 SLIM Faculty Meeting

0:03 Dr. Mirah Dow “And so, in the tradition of getting organized for a meeting, I invited you all to share items from the agenda, and so I hope I haven’t left out anything, and I want to remind you that you can send those to me at any time. I keep a list of those as they evolve over the course of two weeks, and that’s what we finally have. And you can even share items at the last minute as you think of them. The procedure shouldn’t keep us from having what we need on that agenda.”

0:35 Dr. Robin Kurz “I actually have one to add.

0:36 Dr. Mirah Dow “Alright.”

0:37 Dr. Robin Kurz “And I think it would follow really nicely either before or after the communities of practice, talking about national adjunct faculty,
f-a-c-u-l-t-y. And this is, I guess, Sarah [Sutton] and I have been talking about this, but, like…”

0:57 Dr. Mirah Dow “You don’t have to tell us all about it now, That’s fine.

1:01 Dr. Robin Kurz “I don’t remember anymore …(nervous laughter)”

1:04 Dr. Mirah Dow “Is there anything else?”

1:05 Dr. Robin Kurz “No. Not from me.”

1:09 Dr. Andrew Smith (Garbled) “A bit on technology.”

1:10 Dr. Mirah Dow “What’s that?”

1:12 Dr. Andrew Smith “I need to ask people about technology, so just add that in, if you would. I think I’m missing something.”

1:21 Dr. Mirah Dow “What did you add?”

1:23 Dr. Robin Kurz “National adjunct faculty.”

1:24 Dr. Mirah Dow “Oh, I thought you had added something else.”

1:30Dr. Melvin Hale “And Mirah, did you get mine already I sent? Okay, I was going to say a few words on the march.”

1:38 Dr. Andrew Smith “I’m opposing that. Not appropriate.”

1:43 Dr. Gwen Alexander (Clearing her voice) “I’ll say a few words on the march.”

1:48 Dr. Melvin Hale “Please do.”

1:49 Dr. Gwen Alexander “The purpose of the march?”

1:50 Dr. Melvin Hale “Yes.”

1:51 Dr. Gwen Alexander “You wanna say what the purpose of the march is?”

1:52 Dr. Melvin Hale “I brought one of these (a March on Emporia hand bill) for everyone if they want one…”

1:53 Dr. Gwen Alexander “Why don’t I just go ahead and say that…because I…I want to say something. The purpose of the march is based on things that have not been ascertained as fact, and I am going to ask that we don’t discuss this until after the investigation report comes out, because this is not ‘love not hate.’ This is not love what you are doing.”

2:24 Dr. Melvin Hale “Why not?”

2:25 Dr. Gwen Alexander “Why not? Because…”

2:27 Dr. Melvin Hale “We were insulted Gwen.”

2:30 Dr. Andrew Smith (Interrupting) “Excuse me, excuse me, this is not appropriate.”

2:31 Dr. Gwen Alexander “We’re not to going to talk about it Melvin.”

2:33 Dr. Melvin Hale “Well that’s fine too, but I also (Gwen interrupting in the background) brought with me some letters of support from other faculty around the country. I think this faculty should see these letters of support.”

2:41 Dr. Gwen Alexander “I am going to tell you, it’s not on the agenda, and we’re not going to discuss it today!”

2:47 Dr. Melvin Hale “That’s up to you.”

2:48 Dr. Gwen Alexander “It is up to me. I hope everybody will read that, and use their critical thinking skills to realize that this is not based on fact!” (Gwen angrily pounds the conference table with her fist)

3:02 Dr. Melvin Hale “There are some facts that it’s based on.”

3:03 Dr. Gwen Alexander “There are a few, but nothing like you’re purporting. So we’re not going to discuss it anymore. I’m stopping right here. No more conversation on this.”

Dr. Mirah Dow continues with the faculty meeting as if nothing happened. No other faculty said a word.

SLIM: A Library School that Practices CENSORSHIP & RACISM!!!

  • SLIM August 26, 2015 Faculty Meeting3:11

The student's vandalized notebook which was reported by the Hales