The Big Story/The Associated Press (Breaking News, July 2015)

Emporia State couple claims racial harassment at university

Video of the March on Emporia #1 on 9/15/15

News coverage related to the hate speech incident at Emporia State University:

You joined us in person and online (via our Facebook page) in a march against injustice and inequity for faculty, staff and students of color at Emporia State University in Emporia Kansas. Our FIRST historic marches. MANY issues.

"Hale must retract or face the axe"(read more...)

Emporia State University Faces Title VII Charges

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9/15/19 - The 4th anniversary of the March on Emporia, at Emporia State University (read)

7/19/19 - Federal judge verdict in favor of Angelica Hale in Title 7 retaliation lawsuit against Emporia State University after she spoke out against racism at the university library school and on campus. Read below:


*July 14, 2017: Dr. Melvin Hale & wife Angelica Hale lawsuits vs Emporia State and it's leaders granted to move forward on the
same day.  MORE...

*Judge permits Dr. Melvin Hale's counterclaim lawsuit against Emporia State University employee Debra Rittgers to proceed. Read details of the judge's decision here.

*In addition to the 3 federal cases against ESU employees relating to the hate speech incident at Emporia State,

  there is currently a 4th active federal discrimination case against the university filed by Dr. Rajesh Singh:

               4 federal lawsuits against ESU, its leaders and selected School of Library and Information Studies (SLIM) faculty, staff

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Angelica Hale Awarded $64,303.31 in Damages: Read the Order

August 26, 2020

Angelica Hale's Motion for Reconsideration of Order on Damages: Read the Motion

August 28, 2020